Fresh Raspberry Essenced Collins 12
This heirloom cocktail is hand crafted with fresh raspberries, fresh pressed lemon, white cane sugar and the botanicals of Bombay Sapphire topped with effervescence.
The French Topless Mai Tai 12
The winner of the coveted "double gold and best of show" spirits award in san francisco, domaine de canton ginger liqueur is hand-crafted with korbel brandy, pineapple juice and effervescence.
Burnt Rosemary and Buddha's Hand 12
Hangar One Buddha's Hand Citrus vodka is shaken with fresh island sourced lemon and house made white cane sugar reduction, served in a resort grown rosemary and absinthe essenced chilled martini glass.
The Pier Thirty Eight 15
Inspired by the Manhattan and the true sportsman's cocktail style, this libation, is hand-crafted with Gentleman Jack and Antica Carpano Formula sweet vermouth, lightly shaken with the aromatics of Domain de Canton Ginger liqueur, strained up and garnished with a fresh orange swath...
Sake and Elderflower 12
A cosmopolitan blend of TY KU Junmai Sake, St. Germaine Elderflower liqueur, fresh pressed lime and cranberry juice, served up and icy cold with a splash of effervescence and a fresh lemon swath...
Kalamansi Honey Mule 12
A purely Hawaiian take on the Moscow mule. Maui's own organic Ocean vodka, caressed with kalamansi lime and fresh lemon, and bound with Big Island Lehua Honey. The mule is saddled with Ginger Beer, strained over rocks, and ready to take you down the steep cliffs of Moloka'i.
Kalakaua Kollins 12
Worthy of the King himself. On the rocks, Absolut Hibiskus is Kissed with Crème Evette and Kalamansi lime simple syrup. Topped with an effervescent Kap & rimmed with a Krushed violet Kandy & Kosher salt mixture, you are Klad for a strut down the avenue …
Sage and Blueberry Cocktail 12
Fresh resort grown sage muddled with fresh blueberries and bound in fresh pressed lemon juice and Big Island Lehua Honey, shaken with Bombay Sapphire and served up in a fresh cracked black pepper and Hawaiian sea salt rimmed martini glass.
Hibiscus Margarita 12
Tequila Cazadores Reposado, bruised with fresh lime juice and housemade hibiscus and white cane sugar reduction, served on the rocks with a spicy and citrus salt rim.
Guava Caliente 12
A little sweet, a little heat and a lot of aloha. Maui's own organic Ocean vodka, sweetened with organic Govinda‘s guava juice and set ablaze with our house-made Hawaiian Chili Pepper water.
bud light
kona big wave golden ale
kona longboard lager
coors light
asahi dry

Big Island Salad: 14
Hirabara Farms' baby lettuce, fern shoots, Hamakua mushrooms, heirloom radish, tomatoes, rare volcano honey & balsamic vinaigrette.
Hirabara Farms' Baby Romaine Salad 15
rice paper, caesar dressing, heirloom tomato, manchego cheese, pink peppercorn and anchovy salt.
Ocean Salad: 28
Kona lobster, prawns, big island abalone, scallop, dungeness crab, octopus, tobiko caviar, avocado, Hirabara Farms' baby lettuce, tarragon & crème fraiche dressing.
Alaskan King Crab Chowder 14
Kahuku corn, bacon, Molokai sweet potato.
Smoked Hawaiian Moonfish Tartare 18
Sumida Farms' watercress, Hamakua Farms' lomi tomato, taro crisp.
Azure Sashimi 24
Hawaiian yellowfin ahi, Japanese hamachi, avocado & watermelon radish salad, ginger vinaigrette.
Hibachi Garlic Prawns 21
Kahuku sea asparagus, Ho Farms' tomato, fresh mozzarella, local corn salad.
Sake Steamed Manila Clams 19
enoki mushrooms, chiles, smoked pork belly, meyer lemon gremolata.
"Kiawe Smoked" Petite (2oz) Hawaii Ranchers Butter Poached Filet & Foie Gras 30
sauce supreme, black truffle & madeira.
Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or egg may increase your risk of food borne illness. Please communicate any food allergy you may have with our Ambassadors

served on crushed ice
Kumamoto oysters, big island prawns, Kona lobster, Kona abalone, Hawaiian ahi sashimi, Kona kampachi horseradish & vodka sauce and soy-wasabi sauce
all items served upon availability market price
market price
The Honolulu Fish Auction is the only one of its kind between Tokyo and Maine. Open at 5:30 am with the ringing of a brass bell, Hawaiian fisherman auction off their day's catch to the most particular buyers.
We feature the best of today's local market.
Today's flame-roasted market catch from daily fish auction are listed on the attached Fish Auction slip.
Your selection can be prepared:
Simply High-Heat Roasted: white wine, fresh herbs, caper-lemon butter sauce, served with choice of 2 sides


"Black Magic" Spiced: served with Nozawa Farms' sweet corn, Twin Bridges asparagus & Hamakua mushrooms, ginger & sesame vinaigrette
Molokai purple sweet potato Naked Cow Dairy butter & red thai spices. 8
lemon grass & kaffir lime jasmine rice. 5
creamy crushed taro & brandy. 8
Aloun Farms chinese flowering cabbage with garlic soy. 8
oven roasted Twin Bridges asparagus. 9
sake braised big island spinach, garlic chips. 8
Kahuku corn & Hamakua mushrooms. 8

Crispy Whole Fish market price
Sumida Farms' watercress & silken tofu salad, sauce ponzu,
bonito fleur de sel & korean chile dust.
Seared Hawaiian Yellow Fin Ahi & Diver Scallop: 44
"black magic" spice, sake braised spinach, prosciutto wrapped enoki mushrooms, port wine buerre rouge.
Smoked Hawaiian Swordfish Poached In Aromatic Duck Fat 38
spiked purple potato, Kahuku sea asparagus, Ho Farms' tomato salad.
Azure Ocean Risotto 50
lobster tail, prawns, clams, scallops, soffrito, saffron, aromatic arborio rice, sugar peas & marinated Hamakua tomato.
Kahuku Corn Polenta 30
grilled Aloun Farms' vegetables, Maui Goat cheese, Hirabara Farms' scarlet frills.
Grilled Colorado Lamb Chop 51
hibiscus, red wine & marcona almond crust, Garlic choi sum, Ho Farms' tomato, yukon potato puree.
Kona Lobster stuffed with Dungeness Crab market price
"KPT Style" portugese sausage, foie gras, sweet bread, Ewa corn & Hamakua mushrooms.
Shinsato Farms' Porchetta (upon availability) 40
Hirabara Farms' scarlet & golden mustard greens, Molokai purple potato butter, lomi lomi opai.
Hawaii Ranchers Ribeye Steak 52
creamed Kahuku sweet corn & Hamakua mushrooms, crispy shallots, sauce bordelaise.
don't hold back: add 2 oz. foie gras or 4oz. lobster tail to anything for a surcharge
Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or egg may increase your risk of food borne illness. Please communicate any food allergy you may have with our Ambassadors

Chocolate Flourless Cake 10
raspberry sauce & chocolate gelato
Date Nut Pudding & Peanut Butter Dome 10
macadamia nut tuille & toffee sauce with vanilla bean gelato
Azure Lilikoi Crème Brûlée 11
seasonal berries
Banana Cake & Coconut Mousse 10
lilikoi sauce & tropical fruits
Pineapple Key Lime 10
pavlova & pineapple mint coulis pineapple chip & vanilla bean gelato
Lavender Panna Cotta 10
strawberry mint citrus confit & macadamia nut brittle
Assorted Gelato and Sorbet 8

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